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Laura Davidson Award


This week we have awarded our first Laura Davidson certificates in school.  These have gone to a child in each class who has shown some of the qualities which Laura demonstrated  -  kindness, friendship, being an advocate, generosity, humility, determination and resilience.  She made sure that everyone had a voice and that everyone was included.

For those of you who didn't know her, Laura was a governor here as well as a grandparent of Alexa (Y3).  She worked for the Child and Family Wellbeing Service and has supported Asmall in more ways than I could ever list. She was also my friend, and she supported me too.

When Laura died (at the start of the autumn term), parents in Year 3 got together and suggested that we should have a school award in her memory.  One parent designed and painted a beautiful certificate, whilst others organised a trophy.  We decided that we would award these at the end of each half term.  The certificate shows the interests and qualities which Laura had - from sewing and gardening to holidays, photography and nature.  There is a rainbow in the centre - Laura was so instrumental in keeping up the morale of the class during the lockdowns - and a large heart. She was an advocate for everyone!

So today, we have seven children with their certificates.  We will award every half term.