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Friday 5.2.21

Fine Motor 

Dough Gym and Handwriting


Repeated pattern ideas


We are continuing with printing in our art today. 

We are going to be doing some lino printing using vegetables! 


Can you create a star constellation in your vegetable? You could cut a potato in half and carve a star constellation in to the flesh of the potato. 


Paint the potato and when you print the potato on some paper, you should be left with the constellation showing through the paint! 


Does it work? 

If so, can you try different vegetables and does it leave a different pattern? 


What colours could you use? What about the colours of the galaxy? Bright metallic colours! 

Feel Good Friday 

Talk to your child about how amazing they are. Use this example to support.

Moon and Stars (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids