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Year 5 Home Learning Spring 2021








Lesson 1









Lesson 2







Lunch Break


Lesson 3






Times Tables




Lesson 4










Lesson 5

Practise x tables

Practise x tables

Practise x  tables

Practise  x  tables


Reading book

Reading book

Reading book

Reading book

Reading book

Please use Bug Club and X Tables Rock Stars at home!


1.  Please share a story book with your child at some point every day.  Reading to children is extremely valuable and helps build their vocabulary, sentence structure and understanding.

2.  The children must read their school / individual reading book daily.  Comments and contact from parents about what they are reading and the progress in reading would be welcomed (via Class Dojo).


Celebrating Learning

On Fridays, class teachers will celebrate children's work by sharing photographs on Class Dojo.


Challenge/ Additional Work

If you would like your child to complete additional activities to the ones set each day, then please see below.  There are subject links with lessons in each area.  You could choose the topics which you feel you need to practice more or would like to investigate further.

The information below is from earlier in the year...













Hello everyone!


Please feel free to keep in contact with me via Class DoJo, as well as sharing any good news or pictures of things you have been doing at home.


The children will be bringing home spellings, X tables practice and a homework every week. This is as well as their home reading. I will keep you updated about submitting a piece of work via DoJo - just to make sure we are used to using this!


Please find information below for you to use in the event of self isolation. 

Any work completed is to be submitted via Class DoJo Portfolio.

If you need any help with this - just ask!


Thanks for all your support,


Mrs Whitfield x


Self Isolating - Home Learning

If you are self isolating at home this term, you will need to do home learning.  

If the whole class bubble is sent home to self-isolate, then Mrs Whitfield will set daily work for the class and this page will be updated daily.


If you are self-isolating whilst your classmates are still in school, then you will need to:

1. Follow your class timetable of lessons each day.

2. Use the links below to each lesson.  You might need to watch a video or complete an activity for each lesson.  If you can't print out the maths worksheets, then just write the answers/ working out in your homework book.

3. Submit your work at the end of each day to Mrs Whitfield to mark. You should do this through the portfolio on Class Dojo.

4. If you have any questions at all, then you can message Mrs Whitfield or Mrs Speak through Class Dojo or you can ring the school office.

We are looking forward to the children coming back to school as Year 5 children in September.
Mrs Murray, Mrs Duffey & Mrs Mumford

Hello everyone at home, I hope you are all well and adapting to these new changes.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Please check the class page every Monday morning for the week's learning!


NEW!!! I hope you are keeping up with your reading at home. If you are looking for book recommendations for children who have been hooked in by a particular series or author and are ready to branch out? From Harry Potter and Tom Gates to Rainbow Magic and The Worst Witch, we've got you covered with our Branching Out booklists and free, printable display posters. Click on the link below and it will take you directly to the Branching Out Booklists!


There is no expectation that the children do school work on these dates.

Letter to the children from Mrs Speak 30th June 2020

Letter to parents 30th June 2020

Class DoJo Information - Permission

Letter from Mrs Speak 8th June 2020

Letter from Mrs Speak 28th May 2020

Letter from Mrs Speak 18th May 2020

Letter from Mrs Speak - 11th May 2020
Below you will find the 'Home Learning' posted before the Easter break - these are the last 3 weeks of Spring Term:

Home Learning WC 30th March 2020

Home Learning WC 23rd March 2020

Week 1 Year 4 Home Learning WB 16.03.20

Home Learning Spanish

Other Information

Welcome to Year 4.


This term we are learning about the Romans.


We really enjoyed our trip to Chester on the 3rd March (see below some of the fun activities we did).


We have done lots of learning this term including, having a visitor in to help us with our RE topic.