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Thursday 10th December

Dough Disco 

Number Time 

Please see you activities on Dojo


Addition using the counting on method. Use your activities from yesterday to support this. Warm up- flash through numbers to 20 and then order them.

Main- carrying on with addition we want the children to being to look at the counting on method. Example: 5+3= You will encourage your child to start counting at 5 adding on the 3 more. (Touch your head and say 5 and then 6, 7, 8, touching the 3 counter. ) Repeat using other calculations.



Counting on using a number line- watch video and then carry out the follow on activity. 


Today's 10 minute maths is adding using a number line to 10.


Please see your activites on dojo.


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /oi/

Bluebells and Snowdrops

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode QU


Today’s topic is a crafty one! Focusing on expressive arts and design- collage: being able to join things in different ways.

We would like the children to have a go at making a Christmas wreath. There are some examples below of Christmas wreaths attached for you to show the children. Talk about what they are and how they are used at Christmas. Attached are also some examples of how you could create a wreath of your own. You could also search your garden for leaves, twigs, berries and use a paper plate or card to create your wreath.


Background information on the Christmas wreath.

The circle shape represents the never-ending love we have for our family and friends.

It represents:

  • eternity,
  • everlasting life,
  • growth,
  • Jesus's blood and the
  • circle of life that is forever.

Since the circle has no beginning and no end, many believe it represents God's love for us, which has no beginning and no end. In other words, God loves us through thick and thin, regardless of what daily challenges we happen to be struggling through.

The holly branches have red berries and red thorns. The thorns represent the "thorn on Jesus' crown" while the berries show the blood Jesus shed for us when he was crucified.

Evergreens are used in the Christmas wreath and live through winter, which some people say shows the strength of life.

Others say that the evergreen stays green all year round and represents hope that we all need to live as joyously as possible.

Reading and Nativity Songs.