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Friday 8.1.21

English Comprehension 

Bulebells phonic video

Buttercups phonic video

Sunflowers phonic video

The topic activity for today is to do some sketching. You can use any drawing equipment you have for this:pencil, pen, crayon, coloured pen, felt, chalk NOT paint.

You are going to sketch a picture of a character from the film you wrote about yesterday. Sketching is a quick yet detailed drawing focusing on shape and line. Think about the size of your character, the shape of their bodies, the shape and size of their faces. There is a video below which introduces sketching. Watch this from about 6 minutes in as this is when it starts to discuss how to sketch in depth. 

Learn To Draw #01 - Sketching Basics + Materials

Please look at your childs dojo portfolio for the activity for today.