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Wednesday 9th December

Dough Disco 

Winter wonderland dough disco today!

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Please see your activity link on Dojo for your child's phoneme/sound to learn today. Try and follow the structure as set out below.


Starter- flash though all sounds learnt so far.  'Quick write'- where your child writes the sound called out by yourself. Be sure to recap the sound learnt yesterday. 


Main- focus on your new sound. Please watch the video linked to the sound your child is learning. 

Main- can your child find anything around the house that has that sound in?

        - play pairs using your new sound. 


Finish- Tricky words

Bluebells and Snowdrops 

Phonics - Learn to Read | The Letter Y | Alphablocks

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Alphablocks Series 3 - How Now Brown Cow

Number time 

Today the children will continue exploring addition using counting. It is important for the children to use different strategies to work out number problems, developing the breadth of their knowledge of number facts.  


I have attached a few Christmas counting activities that they could do, or you could create these at home. 

You could draw a Christmas tree and the children have to stick on a set amount of baubles in 2 different colours and add them together. 

You could feed Rudolph 3 carrots and another 7 carrots - if he has 3 + 7 how many does he have? Using the counting on method for squares. 


Our topic is going to be looking at different beliefs today and how people celebrate Christmas differently. This supports the children in understand that we all have different beliefs and celebrations and not everyone thinks and behaves the same.


We have chosen to look at England and Hungary (with Erik and his family being from Hungary) This is going to be a talking session today, a bit of a discussion with your child and if you choose to follow this on in anyway that is completely up to you! :) 


I have attached a world map - can the children find England and Hungary on the map? How far apart are they? What do you think the weather is like in Hungary? Different to us? 


What do we do for Christmas? How do we celebrate this? 


Here is how children in Hungary celebrate:

in Hungary the children have a visit from Mikulás (Father Christmas figure. To save confusion you may just choose to use his name and not make any relation to Father Christmas at this point)  but he arrives on the night of the 5th of December to surprise the children with goodies (it’s really not so much about presents but little chocolates and fruit). So the children put their boots on the window sill the night before. And it’s really important for children in Hungary that they clean their boots before putting them on the window sill. And the next morning they’d find them filled with goodies.


Below are some pictures of Erik getting ready for his.