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Friday 8th Jan

Dough Disco


Buttercups video

Bluebells and Snowdrops Phonics video


We are looking at printing and how this is different to painting. Talk about how we paint, what do we do? What do we use? What materials etc.

We are going to experiment with printing today. To start this off we are going to do body part printing. You could just have a play with printing using your finger tips, your hands, feet elbows etc. If you do not have any paint to do this with, use water. Water will still leave a printing mark on the paper.


Flash through numbers and one more and one less.
Recap on yesterdays learning. What activities did we come up with for morning / afternoon / evening? Talk about what you have already done this morning, what you might do this afternoon and what you might do this evening. Can you make your own timetable. On paper, draw a picture of something you might do in the morning, something you will do in the afternoon and then something you will do in the evening. (you can do more than 1 if you wish)