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Curriculum Overview

RE Curriculum Overview


We use SACRE (Lancashire Agreed Syllabus) as the basis for our RE planning at Asmall.



The syllabus is based on the expectation that a minimum of 5% curriculum time is allocated to the teaching of Religious Education. Christianity is taught within three strands: God, Jesus and Church. Christianity, Islam, Hindu Dharma, Sikhism and Buddhism is taught across all year groups. 


The Lancashire field of enquiry is a planning document that links to all delivery of the Lancashire Agreed syllabus. Through the model we ensure that the teaching of religious education is embedded within the disciplines of theology, philosophy, ethics and social science.


Each unit of work is structured to include the following four elements:

• Shared human experience - the nature of being human.

• Living religious tradition - principal religious traditions encountered in the world.

• Beliefs and values – the theology that lies at the heart of these traditions.

•The Search for Personal Meaning