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If you would like to support your child to keep up their Spanish during the school closure, this PDF provides a fun range of activities for you and your child to enjoy together.

Click on the PDF to view the work, and then choose the options for your year Group. Don't worry if pupils in Years 5 & 6 wish to work through scheme from beginning (Stage 1). It won't do any harm for all pupils to revise basic colours, greetings etc. Also above, see Stage 3 Summer pdf booklet, which is a printable work booklet to accompany Stage 3 (Year 5 of the scheme).


Stage 1 = Year 3

Stage 2 = Year 4

Stage 3 = Year 5

Stage 4 = Year 6


Under each topic, you have three options:

Click on the letter 'A' to play activities (you'll need your phone to scan the QR code).

Click on the letter 'K' to look at key vocabulary and pronunciation.

Click on the letter 'V' to watch the video.