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The children are taught phonics daily, in groups matched to the phase they are on. We use the Red Rose phonics scheme and the reading books are matched to the phases in EYFS and through into KS1. Some of the Reception children start on picture books, before moving onto word books. The children pick their books with an adult and are read with regularly in school. Reading at home is strongly encouraged too. The reading book schemes used through school are colour banded and matched to the phonics phases in Rec and Y1 (Y2 children have access to them too). The schemes used are Pearson, Oxford and Dandelion. 


Lancashire Red Rose Letters and Sounds is a new systematic, synthetic phonics planning programme using the Letters and Sounds approach titled Red Rose Letters and Sounds. This planning programme has been developed, continuously evaluated and refined over several years, using the expertise of effective classroom practitioners and phonics experts at LPDS. The programme includes planning from Phase 2 to Phase 5 with specific daily sessions and a very rigorous approach to meet, and exceed, expectations based on the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum for Year One. The intent behind Red Rose Letters and Sounds is to provide a rigorous and thorough planning programme in order to strengthen the teaching and learning of phonics, and ensure children become enthusiastic and successful readers and writers.


Lancashire Red Rose Letters and Sounds is not a DFE validated program. This has given us the freedom to be able to choose the best publishers for each of the phonics phases.