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Friday 11th December

Dough Disco 

A Relaxed Dough Disco Again

Number Time 

A fun little game to play today to finish of all our maths work this week. You will need 2 die and the attached sheet. The sheet is also attached to the activity on Dojo. 

Starter- flash through numbers to 20. Adult to pick 2 numbers and child to tell you which number is bigger or smaller.

Squares- please use your number line to work out your answers.

Circles- please use your counting on skills. Remember to start counting at the first number counting on how ever many more.

Christmas addition game


It is recap day! You have learnt lots of sounds and tricky words over the last 2 weeks. Please re-visit them and play some of your favourite games! Remember the following structure.

Starter- splat/quick write/ floor is larva

Main- recap your newest sounds. You could go on a word hunt around the house and sort the words into the correct sounds. There is also the option of playing the snakes and ladders games attached. Please select your correct phonic group. 

Finish- a tricky word game. I know lots of the children enjoyed playing 'teacher' yesterday, maybe they could be the teacher in a tricky word game of their choice.  


Physical activity time today. There are a few challenges set. You could choose to complete one or two or them all? It's completely up to you. 


1- create a obstacle course outside (or inside weather dependant) try to include some type of balance, a jump, a throw and a roll. 

2- complete the just dance video attached. 

3- sing and dance to your nativity songs.

Just Dance 2020: Jingle Bells by Santa Clones