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The impact on our children is clear: progress, sustained learning and transferrable skills. 


The measures being:

  • Most children are reaching the end of year expectations in terms of attainment and progress in Reading.
  • End of key stage results (EYFS, Y1 Phonics, KS1 and KS2).
  • By the end of Year 2, children are able to apply phonic knowledge automatically when reading longer and less familiar texts.
  • Children use a wide range of vocabulary in speech and writing and can match to the context.
  • Children talk enthusiastically about books and read regularly for pleasure and information.
  • Children can show their understanding of what they have read through answering a variety of comprehension questions both verbally and written.
  • Children are able to write effectively using grammatically correct sentences for a range of purposes using year group relevant skills.
  • In KS2, children are moving onto pen and are consistently and fluently joining their handwriting.
  • Termly assessments (using a mixture of DfE and Testbase materials, and NC / KLIPS for writing) show the children’s attainment and tracks their progress.
  • Children are ready for KS3


We measure impact of our curriculum through learning walks, book scrutiny, formative and summative data (Testbase / DfE Assessments for reading and GPS) and pupil's voice.