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Speech and Language

We will be adding to the resources here in the coming weeks and months. smiley

These speech pages provide some more examples of games and ideas to continue with children's existing speech plans.  These should not be used instead of a professionals advice as we are not speech experts.

We do know that with speech little and often is good!  Say the same word several times to help increase their muscle memory.
It helps if children can see the mouths 'expected shape' and also try to replicate this.  By holding a mirror under your mouth, the child can see both your mouth shape and theirs at the same time.

It is tricky, and can get frustrating, so do try and make it fun by playing games.

Here are some ideas and games which could be used for any of the sounds you are practicing.

* Sort the sound
Have cups with objects in related to a sound eg ball, bin, book, beetle, etc. Mix up the cups with sounds they are familiar with and their focus sound that they are practicing.  They have to then sort the toys out.  Don’t forget to practice the focus sound pot most.


* “Where is the item?
Using their focus sound, they could also grab one of these objects and say where the item is.  eg 
“The beetle is on the ball.  The beetle is next to the button.”

* "What's in the bag?"

Hide some items in a bag with their focus sound.  Before they pull it out, they need to feel it and guess what it could be.

* Odd one out