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Thursday 14.1.21

Fine motor 

Making Marks:


Bluebells Phonic Video

Circles and Squares work 

Today for maths you will need a box or a container. Work with your child and put a certain amount of objects / toys / counters in. Ask your child, can they count and tell you how many are in there?

Add another item to the box and close the lid. How many are in there now? Can they remember how many there were to begin with and add 1. IF they need to count open the lid to help them and then try again with adding another one. Add different amounts each time. If you add 4 how many are there now? Use the number line to help them count on, find the number there were originally and count on what was added.

Challenge – write the number sentence for each one.

Topic - PE 

Space Dance

WLSP Miss Valentine Target Games Year 1/2 Week 4