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Wednesday 2nd December

Dough Disco

Number Time 


Today the children will continue with their learning of PART- PART- WHOLE.  This follows on from finding all the number bonds to 10 yesterday. The attached worksheet is for examples you can use with your child. It is a little more challenging today as they have to work out the missing part of the whole number. Please work out the answers practically with your child using counters, paper plates, toys and hoops etc. You child is more than welcome to record their answer on the worksheet and send us a picture back. You can challenge your child further by changing the whole number you give them.

Can your child remember any of the number facts?

Can your child work out the answers more independently today?




Please see your activity link on Dojo for your child's phoneme/sound to learn today. Try and follow the structure as set out below.


Starter- flash though all sounds learnt so far / play splat/ corners. You could even play 'quick write' where your child writes the sound called out by yourself. Be sure to recap the sound learnt yesterday. 


Main- focus on your new sound. Please watch the video linked to the sound your child is learning. 

Main- can your child find anything around the house that has that sound in?

        - write out some words with that sound in. Put them in a 'feely bag.' Child to pull out a word and read it.


Finish- play tricky word splat.



Today the children will need the animal/object picture they drew yesterday. We were very impressed with their drawings and could see they have all used 'sausage' like features. 


We would like the children to label their drawing. In class we have been working on describing words. Start by asking your child to describe their drawing to you. eg it has SHARP teeth, LONG hair. Then either on their drawing/ separate piece of paper / orange good news book can your child label their drawing. Some children will be able to sound out the word eg leg and they will write down the sounds they hear. Some children will just write the first sound they hear in the word. eg b to represent the word body. 


When children are learning to write it is important that they sound out the word and write the sounds they hear. You can support them in sounding out the word but your child will write what they hear. The words do not need to be spelt correctly and we would not expect them to be. 

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