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Tuesday 1st December

Dough Disco 

Watch the following link to Dough Disco. We do this every morning in class and the children love it. You can use a variety of things to mould and model. If you have Play dough this is what we use in school, however, you can use scarves, carrots, balls (anything that will fit in their hand to give them the fine motor skills)

Number Time 


This is following on from yesterdays lesson on finding Part and Part of  a Whole. If you weren't able to download the powerpoint , watch this video and it may help you find it easier to explain!




Each group will have been sent different letters and sounds to focus on today. 


Starter - flash through sounds, play splat with sounds, sounds around the house 

Main - focus on new sound - watch video linked to your sound. 

Main - can they find anything in the house that starts with that sound / has that sound in? 

Look at tricky words - play tricky word bingo! 


Buttercups -


Bluebells and Snowdrops -


Sunflowers -




Todays topic lesson is based around drawing. 

In class we have been focusing on drawing animals / people using sausage features. So that the drawing has some depth to it and it isn't just a stick man or lines. 

The children were getting very good at making their drawings look more like what they should. So if you could reinforce today that they need actual shapes for arms and legs and bodies etc. 

The children could find any animal / person toy they have to do this.