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Thursday 3rd December

Dough Disco 

A slower paced Dough Disco

Number Time


Today the children will continue exploring number bonds to 10 but using a tens frame. It is important for the children to use different strategies to work out number problems, developing the breadth of their knowledge of number facts.  Watch the video and practically explore using counters on a tens frame. You will need a 10's frame. This can be drawn on paper or created with blocks/ sticks etc. We have also attached a 10 frame that you can print out if needed. 

Challenge- just like the part-whole model change the whole number you give to your child. 

Number bonds to 10 using a Tens Frame

Maths in under 10 minutes.Today's session is all about number bonds to 10 using the Tens frame method. You can follow along and join in using resources from ...



Please see your activity link on Dojo for your child's phoneme/sound to learn today. Try and follow the structure as set out below.


Starter- flash though all sounds learnt so far.  'Quick write'- where your child writes the sound called out by yourself. Be sure to recap the sound learnt yesterday. Play the alphabet song and join in. 


Main- focus on your new sound. Please watch the video linked to the sound your child is learning. 

Main- can your child find anything around the house that has that sound in?

        - play pairs using your new sound. 


Finish- Tricky words

Boom shake the alphabet song


Bluebells and Snowdrops



Today we have a music session! This is something the children have really enjoyed in class recently. There is a video DINO STOMP to watch, dance and move to. Your child is to copy the dance moves or even have a go at making up some of their own to represent how a dinosaur might have moved. 


Challenge: if you have musical instruments you can use these alongside your dance. You could even make your own musical instrument if you haven't got any. 

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)

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