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Tuesday 19th

Fine Motor 

Fine motor exercises and then curly caterpillar letters


Sunflowers Phonic Video

Buttercups Phonics Activity



Takeaway using a number line- Counting back

Today's session is all about taking away on a number line by counting back.


Science Investigation 

Fill a pan/plate about 1 -2 cm deep with flour, lightly sprinkle drinking chocolate / cocoa powder to cover the entire surface.


To make a model of the surface of the moon, drop something round into the pan/plate, this will act as the crashing asteroids. Notice how these objects make craters.

The soil below the surface ( white flour ) is brought to the surface.

Try with different sizes and weights of balls/objects and see if the craters are deeper or different shapes.


Marbles / pom pom balls / lego bricks(this will leave interesting marks) / anything round