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Equal Opportunity

At Asmall Primary School we follow LCC guidelines for Equal Opportunity and Gender Equality. The school curriculum, life in school, extra-curricular activities and assemblies promote multi-cultural education and positive attitudes to world citizenship. The staff support equal access to the Curriculum and children are taught to respect people as individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, special need, physical or mental abilities.  Any type of racist language and/or behaviour is absolutely unacceptable in school and we will ensure that all such incidents are recorded, investigated and reported to the Local Authority.


At Asmall Primary School all children are equally important. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and inclusion.  All children have equal access to every area of school life.


The school is proud of its inclusion policy. Children with additional needs make excellent progress and are welcomed by the whole school community.


Equality Objectives
Our Equal Opportunities policy is reviewed annually and can be found on our Policies page.  Please see the link below.