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Year 1

Mrs Todd and Mrs McNulty teach in Year 1, along Teaching Assistant Mrs Allison Brookes.

Year 1 joined Year 2 to celebrate Chinese New Year. They each created lanterns, tasted Chinese cuisine and took part in a Chinese dragon dance. This was a brilliant opportunity for children to explore traditions of others and learn about diversity. The food tasting in particular was a huge success with many children trying prawn crackers, noodles and spring rolls for the first time!

Year 1 came to school to discover something had crashed landed in our outdoor area. There are lots of clues and we have our suspicions, as to what caused the chaos. We think it might be an alien called Beegu from our class text.

Year 1 visited Ormskirk town centre to identify the human features in the local area. They found many landmarks; including Ormskirk Parish Church, Ormskirk clock tower and Ormskirk library. Please use the following link, if you would like to find out more information about Ormskirk's local landmarks.

'Come Count With Me' was hugely popular. This was a great opportunity for parents and carers to come into the Y1 classroom and take part in many maths themed activities. There were lots of opportunities for questions to be asked and a chance for parents and carers to see the resources that are used in class, which best support their child, to continue to develop their arithmetic and reasoning skills.

Angel Express - Nativity 2023. Year 1 performed amazingly in our KS1 and EYFS nativity. Year 1 were the angels. Each child sang songs, danced, acted and learned a line. Two superb performances!

Year 1 handmade Christmas decorations for Ormskirk Parish Church. These decorations were then used to decorate a small Christmas tree. Year 1 visited the church to see their decorations on display in the Christmas Tree Festival.

The Scarecrow's Wedding book by Julia Donaldson has been our class text. Year 1 created their own Harry O'Hay scarecrow. We were lucky enough to put the scarecrow into the Scarecrow Festival at Rufford Old Hall. Year 1 loved seeing their creation on display in the festival, as well as seeing many other scarecrows. They later explored Rufford Old Hall and took part in a quiz, as well as being able to explore all of the beautifully preserved rooms in the house.

Year 1 baked biscuits and brought in cakes from home to sell at their Halloween Bake Sale.

In Design and Technology, Year 1 have been learning all about fruits and vegetables. They now know fruits contain seeds and vegetables do not. They have learned how to safely cut fruits using the 'bridge' hold too. These skills then led them to select fruits they thought would work together to make a smoothie.

Year 1 have made a brilliant start to the year. They have been exploring all areas within the Year 1 continuous provision