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Tuesday 20th October

Literacy - Shape Poems

Today's Literacy carries on with our poetry theme - shape poems. Shape poetry is a form of visual poetry in which the text is arranged into a specific shape. Please watch the PowerPoint before completing the Autumn themed shape poem.

The blank box at the top of the worksheet is for adjectives. Please think of some adjectives to describe Autumn as these will help you when writing your shape poem.

Maths - Subtraction word problems.

Today's Maths follows the same theme from yesterday - word problems. Please solve the subtraction word problems by showing your working out using the column method.

Science - Rocks

To continue with our rocks topic, today I would like you to sort the different rock resources into man-made and natural. You can either cut and stick the rocks into the correct box (if possible) or draw and label the rocks in the correct box.


As a challenge, see if you can find any rocks in and around your house. As an example, from my office window, I can see a brick  (man-made) house with slate (natural) tiles on the roof, on a concrete (man-made) road.