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Absence Procedure

Medical Appointments

Please try to make dental appointments out of school hours if you can.

If your child does have a doctor / hospital / medical appointment, then the school office will need to see the appointment letter / card before the date of the appointment. Children should attend school before and after the appointment if they are well enough to do so.



If your child is unwell and not able to come into school, then parents should contact the school office as soon as possible on the first day of absence and should keep the school informed until the child returns to school.


The school has a duty to know that every child is safe on every school day throughout the year.


If the school has not heard from the family by 9.30am, then the local authority absence procedure will be followed:

We will telephone all contacts which you have given us.

We will do a home visit.

We may contact the police or social care.


These procedures were put in place to ensure that every child is safe.

Please do not cause the school office unnecessary workload by going on holiday without informing us.