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Monday 30th November

As the children are in different groups for Phonics, you will be sent work via Dojo as to what to look at for your child. If you are given an activity that includes a video, please come back to the website to access this. 
Number time (maths) 

Part of a whole presentation

As part of your number time session today, you are going to be looking at Part and Part of a whole. Finding out what 2 numbers make up a number. for example 6 and 2 make 8 (8 being your whole number and 6 and 2 being parts of that) 

Use the powerpoint to go through this with your child today with them doing the question on each page. 


Recaps each session 

Flash through numbers on paper

One more / one less than a number to 10 / 20


Please provide photos through Dojo  



Topic Activity 

Sorting and classifying features. 

If we would have done this in class today, we would have been using dinosaurs as this is our current topic. However at home you could use any toy animals / people that you have. 

Gather a group of toys animals  together and discuss what they have. 

This one has 4 legs but this one only has 2 legs. This one has a spiky back, this one has a smooth back. 

Can the children then group these? for example, can they find all the animals that have 4 legs? All the animals that have sharp teeth etc. 


Please provide photos through Dojo