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Friday 4th December

Well done everyone you have made it to the end of the week! You have all been fantastic! Thank you.


Dough Disco 

Dough Disco: Pirates Walk The Plank

Number Time 

The children have learnt lots about the number 10 this week! So to finish off the week there is a nice little power point for them to get involved with.


After, there is a tens work sheet for your child to complete. Please can you explain this to your child and then let them get on with it independently. This is a good way of finding out if the work your child has been doing all week has become ‘sticky knowledge’ in their brain.


Challenge: there is a further I spy game that your child can play if they would like to.



Please see your activity link on Dojo for your child's phoneme/sound to learn today. Try and follow the structure as set out below.


Starter- flash though all sounds learnt so far.  Be sure to recap the sound learnt yesterday.

Starter- Play the alphabet song and join in. After give your child a letter name to write, repeat. 


Main- focus on your new sound. Please watch the video linked to the sound your child is learning. 

Main- can your child find anything around the house that has that sound in?

Main- write words out that have that sound in and then play splat the word. 


Finish- tricky word bingo

Boom shake the alphabet

A fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds


Bluebells and Snowdrops



Todays topic links to Personal, Social and Emotional Development: children describing themselves in positive terms.  

We would like the children to watch the story Giraffes Can’t Dance. Talk about the moral behind the story, that we are all good at different things and its important to find out what your good at. Understanding that not everyone is good at the same things.  You can use the power point attached to help you with your discussion after watching the story. 

We would then like the children to record and send us a video of what makes them special, what are they good at?


Extension: if your child would like to develop this further they can draw a picture or write a list of the things they are good at.

Giraffes Can't Dance - Children Animated Storybook

Gerald the giraffe longs to dance like everyone else, but he looks different than the rest of the animals, and he just can't seem to get it right. When the r...