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Remote Learning

How will my child be supported to learn at home during school closure?


Class Dojo

Our main form of communication throughout school closure will be our Class Dojo.  This will be used by class teachers to set each day's activities and should be accessed by parents and children each morning at home.  Please use the Portfolio section of Dojo to upload work for teachers to see.  Parents can also send private messages to class teachers through the message part of the app.  Mrs Speak will keep the whole school updated throughout the closure period with regular updates on the School page.


Daily Timetable

Each class has their own daily home learning timetable on their class page of our school website.  All KS1 and all KS 2 have the same timetable, which will help parents who are supervising learning at home.  The timetables are clearly displayed on the class pages.

Each day, the class teacher will set the work, according to the day's timetable.  These will be sent to individual parents by Class Dojo. Each activity should be returned to the class teachers through Dojo too.  Additional resources which you may need (eg videos, powerpoints, etc) are uploaded each day onto the class page of the website.  We will use a mixture of video, PowerPoint, games and website links.  There will also be practical activities for the children to do, away from ICT devices. 


Zoom Wellbeing Sessions

Each class has timetabled wellbeing sessions in small groups with the class teacher each week.  If your child is working at home, then they will be invited to join at least one of these sessions each week.  The days / times will remain the same, unless requested to change.


Zoom Reading with TAs

Children working from home should read with an adult every day.  We will facilitate zoom reading sessions once or twice each week for those children who are not in school.  The same teaching assistant will contact you at the same time each week.


Phonics /Spelling

Children in Reception and KS 1 will have a daily phonics session, with work set according to their phonics groups.  There are daily videos and activities to do, which should be submitted to class teachers daily for feedback.



Exercise is more important than ever whilst the children are working at home.  There are two weekly PE slots on the timetable and class teachers will upload video content each week so that the children can take part in a varitey of PE tasks and activities, prepared by WLSP.



In maths and English, we are concentrating on the basics. Class teachers are folllowing the national curriculum for each subject and there will be a progression of lessons, uploaded daily, for the children to do at home.  The children in school will be taught exactly the same topic and content.  There is an emphasis on spelling and on multiplication tables throughout school.  Our topic curriculum will also continue in the same way.  Links for each subject will be available at the beginning of each day.


Additional Learning

If families would like to access additional learning, then there are links lower down on the class pages for each subject.  Many of these take you to The Oak National Academy video lessons.


The Oak National Academy (at the bottom of the Classes page on our website)

There are sequences of lessons on a range of subjects for children to choose from, including art, science, Spanish, geography, history.  These are all video lessons, taught by teachers, which you can stop / start as you go through.

Select your year group and then choose the subject which you would like to do.